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[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Tue Nov 29 15:16:27 UTC 2005

Cygwin isn't an emulator.  It's a common 
development ground for Linux source code use and 
development on Windows.  It could also be 
considered a runtime if installed solely to allow 
other programming to operate.  I have seen 
programs install parts of Cygwin as dependents, 
though which programs escape me at the 
moment.  Visual Basic isn't an emulator either, 
even though it has common required runtimes as well.

If it were an emulator, you'd not have to build 
things specifically for Cygwin, you could use 
binary kits from various Unix variants or Linux.

 From the Cygwin website:
 >Cygwin is not a way to run native linux apps on 
Windows. You have to rebuild your application 
from source if you want to get it running on Windows.
 >Cygwin is not a way to magically make native 
Windows apps aware of UNIX ® functionality, like 
signals, ptys, etc. Again, you need to build your
 >apps from source if you want to take advantage of Cygwin functionality.

--Droo, K1XVM

At 10:04 AM 11/29/2005, Dave Baxter wrote:
>In that case, it DOES NOT RUN ON WINDOWS!  (Sorry to shout)   It runs on
>a unix/linux emulator, that if you actualy read my posts, I cant (for
>whatever reason) install either, as the installer fails part way

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