[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Tue Nov 29 16:00:01 CST 2005

  See below:

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I for one, think Dave Baxter has raised some valid points.  These have been
discussed on this sig previously, as well.  

Horror stories abound concerning the time spent trying unsuccessfully trying
to get CygWin and XAstir installed.  The typical solution offered by the
Xastir promoters is to subscribe to the XAstir mailing list.

Until XAstir can provide the same install functionality of operating systems
in use by the majority of APRS users, it should not be promoted as a
replacement for other APRS applications.  Give me an exectuable that will
install Cygwin, and an executable, ready to run version of XAstir and I will
install it immediately.  To my knowledge this is simply not possible today.

What we need is some truth in XAstir advertising, similar to the drug
commericals we see on TV, detailing all of the side affects. For example,
"Side effects include severe heartburn due to the number of hours likely to
be spent trying to install CygWin, and XAstir.  Other side effects may
include a trashed computer, or loss of many hours which could have been
spent operating an easy to install APRS application".  Until we get truth in
adverstising, I think non-unix users should ignore all of the XAstir
promotional hype.  

The bottom line for the typical, non-techinal Windows user:  If you want to
learn about Linux, and have the time and resources required, by all means
join the XAstir mailing list.  Expect to spend days, if not weeks getting
XAstir up and running.  It is entirely possible you will NEVER get it
running on your Windows machine.  If you do succeed, each time a new XAstir
version comes out, you will need to re-compile it to get the new version
executable.  Enjoy.

Bill KC9XG


>-Jim KB0THN

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