[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Tue Nov 29 18:08:08 CST 2005

  See below:

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>On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, Bill Diaz wrote:
>> Horror stories abound concerning the time spent trying 
>unsuccessfully trying
>> to get CygWin and XAstir installed.  The typical solution 
>offered by the
>> Xastir promoters is to subscribe to the XAstir mailing list.

>Just curious, where do you go for OpenTracker questions, Tinytrak
>questions, UI-View questions?  Perhaps the SIG appropriate to the
>piece of hardware or software?

>> Give me an exectuable that will
>> install Cygwin, and an executable, ready to run version of 
>XAstir and I will
>> install it immediately.  To my knowledge this is simply not 
>possible today.

>Then your knowledge needs a bit of updating.  There are two versions
>that I know of that can install onto Windows directly from CD.  One
>of those can be done via network install as well.  There are other
>versions, thinking of Herb's Hamshack CD here, that can bring up a
>Linux/Xastir setup in memory from a CD, not touching your hard drive
>at all.  It's a good way to try things out.

>See http://www.xastir.org, then click on the binary downloads link.

You are saying there is a single executable that will install CygWin, Xastir
and supporting files?  I kinda doubt it. Rather than asking everyone to go
to the XAstir page, why don't you post the details here on the Sig, for all
to see?

We've been thru this before on the sig, but have never gotten a clear
response from you.

>The rest of the posting wasn't much worth responding to:  It's
>heading towards OS-wars, and there's no reason to bring that into
>the SIG now, is there?

I don't appreciate your atitude either, so that makes us even<g>  This
thread is not so much about operating systems as it is the extreme
difficulty many users have installing XAstir.  Your response is to go to a
web site or subscribe to a mailing list whenever this subject comes up.  You
refuse to publicly acknowledge that installing XAstir can be a long involved
process that can be daunting for a non-technical user, however.

>Xastir runs on more operating systems than any other APRS app (with
>the possible exception of Java-based apps).  Something wrong with
>that?  Perhaps you feel that you have a right to complain about APRS
>apps that you pay for, but in Xastir's case, you didn't.  Nobody
>did.  It's free!  The developers can do what they want with it, so
>can the users (within the license terms).  All of the source code is
>there, and always will be.  As "The Bill" would say, a proper exit
>strategy.  You know it's not going to disappear on you.

In case you haven't noticed, UiView is free, or nearly so.  You are asked to
donate to a local cancer charity.  UiView is not going to disappear any time
soon either, because of the API Roger provided, add-on's continue to be
released.  Users don't have to compile the source, or enter any command line
commands and search the web for libraries for their particular flavor of

>If you have complaints about the Xastir install on Windows, I'll say
>the same thing I always do:  Take it to the Xastir mailing list.
>That's where you can do some good and improve the install for the
>next guy.  This sig is the wrong place to bring it up.  Most people
>here don't run it.  Many of the Xastir developers probably don't
>read this sig.  You're filling up the inboxes of people who don't
>care about it.

Why do you refuse to respond on the SIG to valid user complaints and
concerns?  Most people don't run Xastir because of the difficulty installing
it, yet you hype it as the best thing since sliced bread.  

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to determine if your claims are actually
true, since I don't have the time to waste on an application installation
that is reportedly so difficult.  I repeat, give me a single executable that
will install CygWin and XAstir and I will see if XAstir is worth the effort.
If I can install CygWin and XAstir it with a single click, or command and
have it running in an hour or so, (like most, <ahem> windows or Mac
installers) I will try it tonite.  If, contrary to your claims, this is not
actually possible, than say so publicly.  

Bill KC9XG  

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