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[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Wed Nov 30 01:27:46 UTC 2005

  See below:

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>> I went to the lintronix site and looked at the instructions.  
>> Also looked at http://www.lintronix.com/winxastir/Readme1st.txt
>> And found the following:
>> ==================================
>> - WinXastir -- Xastir on Windows -
>> ==================================
>> - last updated 23-May-2004 09:29 -
>> ==================================

>> WinXastir is a packaged CDROM, available from Lintronix, to
>> provide an easier and quicker method for installing both Cygwin
>> and Xastir on a Windows computer system.
>> Note there are no guarantees this will work.  This software
>> depends on a large number of libraries and operating system
>> dependencies.  I and many other Xastir users test and use
>> it daily.  However, every computer and every installation
>> is unique and may not run Xastir.   The WinXastir disk was
>> developed to simplify the downloading, installation and 
>> execution of programs and resources freely available on
>> the Internet.  There is no warrantee that it will run or perform
>> any specific function on any computer.   The Xastir mailing
>> list is the preferred source for Xastir and Cygwin installation
>> issues.  For questions or suggestions specific to the WinXastir
>> CD - please Email to winxastir at lintronix.com.

>> The readme1st information is enlightening and re-inforces 
>what many (but certainly not all) users have reported. I guess 
>>you "Takes your chances".
>> No thanks,

>> Bill KC9XG

>It could be worse. It could be the Microsoft EULA...   :-)

>The Amateur Radio software model is broken and we're getting quite 
>literally just what we're paying for.

I think the Lintronix effort is a big step in the right direction, but until
all Linux vendors adhere to some sort of standard, some users may certainly
encounter difficulty due to the issues clearly outlined in the Lintronix
Readme1st file.

Bill KC9XG

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