[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Tue Nov 29 23:37:17 CST 2005

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, Dave Baxter wrote:

> $ ./bootstrap.sh
> Removing autom4te.cache directory
> Running aclocal
> ./bootstrap.sh: line 16: aclocal: command not found
> Running autoheader

You have no development environment installed.  The bootstrap.sh
file is a script that starts up some of the heavy development tools
(autoconf/automake) which then make the "configure" script for you.
If you've already got a configure script there, you don't need to
run bootstrap.sh.

What instructions are you currently following, the Lintronics
instructions?  README.win32?  If you mix and match between methods
you're almost guaranteed failure.

> (funny how you can copy/paste out of Xwindows, but not Into it)

That's a Cygwin or Xwindows on Windows issue, nothing to do with
Xastir.  I suggest you prowl around the Cygwin site for more info on
that and perhaps solutions for it.  Don't mix apples and oranges
though here.

> If the bootstrap file supplied with the sources is missing things,
> what sort of organisation is it that allows buggy stuff like this
> to be downloaded, as per the detailed instructions in the
> Readme.win32 file also downloaded with it!

You might want to think about what you're calling buggy before doing
so.  If an install script depends on certain tools being available
on your OS and they're not present when you run the script, is the
script buggy?

Those install scripts work on many different OS'es, and have been
tuned over the years to cover all kinds of weirdnesses between them.

> It would appear that Xastir in it's current form has nothing going
> for it in anyway shape or form, as it's a virtual imposibility to
> get it in a runnabe form, just for a look at.  And this is
> progress?

Which install method did you try?  I assure you there are several
satisfied Windows users of Xastir.  I've done the install hundreds
of times (literally) using my README.win32 document.  It's how I
created it.  I just installed it again a few weeks ago to test
something or other out.

> I note also no worldwide maps, let alone Europe or the UK, and
> this is suposed to compete and be a viable replacement for
> Ui-View?  I don't think so....

See the Map Pointers link off www.xastir.org.  There are way too
many map options and too many gigabytes of maps for us to store them
on SourceForge.  Better that everybody worldwide chooses their own
personal favorite sets of maps to download and use.

> If the lad's from seattle can do it with the "Unstable Windows" platform,

Um... Excuse me?   They're in Redmond, not Seattle.  By the way, I'm
in that area too.  Redmond is to the east of Seattle (ok, NE), I'm
to the north.

> then surely the sleek stable Linux systems should do better, right?...

Sure!  Install SuSE 9.0.  Install one of the RPM's I provide on the
Binary Downloads page.  Or install Debian Linux and use the apt-get
instructions someone posted previously.  Easy as pie.

To other disinterested parties:  In any large group of users you'll
end up with a few that have extreme difficulty, whether it is due to
their particular hardware/OS/patch-level/whatever is not the issue.
It's just that statistically you'll end up with a few people in that
category.  Sad but true.  Best I can do for them is help those that
want to be helped and wish to stick with it long enough to get
through.  Some people throw in the towel and swear up and down to
never attempt it again.  I'm ok with that too.

The goal is to make it so that the majority of users breeze right
through the installs and don't get into that mode.  We're there with
pretty much all of the supported OS'es except Windows, unless you
use the Lintronics install which I hear is quite easy.  Most Windows
users will get scared away by the sheer length of the README.win32
instructions (my method of installing), and that's ok too.  It ain't
no popularity contest.  It's just a hobby.

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