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[aprssig] Xastir install issues

William McKeehan mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net
Wed Nov 30 14:25:09 UTC 2005

I don't think it's quite 7 clicks, but if you follow the steps here:


You will install cygwin with a base build of Xastir WITHOUT the need for a
development package. These guys have Xastir setup as a Cygwin package, so once
you have Cygwin installed, you have Xastir installed.

I will agree with earlier statements that if you try to follow this path and
the README.win32 both, then you will get confused.

The only thing that I think may be missing from these instructions is how to
start Xastir after you have it installed. Simply run "Start - Programs -
Cygwin-X - xterm" In the window that opens, simply type

I'll also agree with others that this is probably not the best forum to
discuss Xastir installation issues - the Xastir mailing list has a number of
experts that are more than willing to help you thru any issues that you may

Good luck!

On Wed, November 30, 2005 4:38 am, Dave Baxter said:
> Not sure where you get your 7 clicks to install.  Cygwin maybe, Xastir
> never.
> As I said earlier, this is being done via the net NO CD...  It is Wes's
> instructions I tried to follow.  Cygwin, OK, Xastir no way.
> Dave
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>> Sigh...
>> Dave Baxter wrote:
>> >
>> > But why the need to download the entire source of Xastir,
>> There isn't a need.
>> As Wes said:
>> ---
>> Try this page....  It's a real easy way to do what you need
>> under  windows.
>> http://www.lintronix.com/winxastir/  nearly click click click done....
>> Wes
>> ---
>> I think I had it down to 7 "clicks" to install a running if
>> somewhat minimal version of Xastir with Cygwin.  The net
>> install is slow but from CD it was about 15 minutes total.
>> No source or development environment needed.
>> Bill - WA7NWP
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