[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Wed Nov 30 09:47:17 CST 2005

On Wed, 30 Nov 2005, Bill Diaz wrote:

> Do you use UiView?  Have you looked at the API Roger provided.  Until then,
> your opinions do not have much value, IMO.  I have tried to install CygWin
> and XAstir but due to "XAstir install issues" I am unable to form an
> opinion.

So, likewise for opinions about Xastir then?  ;-)

Yea, I've run it before, just to see what it does.  I used to
recommend it to people, back when Roger was around.  I used to have
somewhat regular dialogs with Roger in terms of fixing this or that
in Xastir or UI-View32.

Since I don't tend to run Windows much (by design), I tend not to
run UI-View much.  I also have a license for APRS+SA and for
OziExplorer.  Those don't get used much these days either.

> And I can't in good conscience install and run a program whose promoters are
> unwilling to address valid, user install issues publicly.

Your opinion.  It's obvious you've got some hangup against
non-Windows clients, open-source clients, me personally, something.
I just don't know exactly what.  This discussion is tiring though,
and going nowhere.

At least my hangups about various operating systems are out in the
open.  I think every .sig for several years has had it plainly in

> No, because you are not willing to address the "Xastir install issues" in
> public.

On this forum.  Perhaps we should have a show of hands of how many
APRSSIG subscribers are tired of seeing all the Xastir stuff drug
through the mud here.  I'd think a rather large majority.  It's the
wrong forum for Xastir technical issues.  Just as UI-View tech
issues should be discussed elsewhere.

> Stop changing the subject, stay on Topic.  Your attempts to attack other
> applications is totally off topic.

I don't see anything I've said as an attack.  Perhaps you should
re-read.  You keep trying to get my goat.  Bored this week are you?

> Curt, in case you forgot, the topic is "XAstir install issues".  Stop trying
> to change the subject and address the issue under discussion.

> Free maps and up-to-date maps are not the issue, though the commerical map
> are more up-to-date then most free maps.  However, the issue is "XAstir
> install issues".  Please address these issues.

Bring it to the Xastir list.  Haven't I said that already?  This is
all entirely off-topic.  Stan, are you listening?

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