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Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Wed Nov 30 10:31:56 CST 2005

 See below:

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>On Wed, 30 Nov 2005, Bill Diaz wrote:
>> Do you use UiView?  Have you looked at the API Roger 
>provided.  Until then,
>> your opinions do not have much value, IMO.  I have tried to 
>install CygWin
>> and XAstir but due to "XAstir install issues" I am unable to form an
>> opinion.

>So, likewise for opinions about Xastir then?  ;-)

As I keep telling you, I cannot install XAstir due to "Xasitr install
issues" which you REFUSE to admit exists!  How many times do you need to be
told?  I cannot form an opinion on something I can't install?  Should be a
simple concept for you to to understand, but apparently the challange is too

>Yea, I've run it before, just to see what it does.  I used to
>recommend it to people, back when Roger was around.  I used to have
>somewhat regular dialogs with Roger in terms of fixing this or that
>in Xastir or UI-View32.

If Roger helped you, why do disparage UiView so much?  Especially since
Xastir has "install issues" and UiView does not.  

>Since I don't tend to run Windows much (by design), I tend not to
>run UI-View much.  I also have a license for APRS+SA and for
>OziExplorer.  Those don't get used much these days either.

>> And I can't in good conscience install and run a program 
>whose promoters are
>> unwilling to address valid, user install issues publicly.

>Your opinion.  It's obvious you've got some hangup against
>non-Windows clients, open-source clients, me personally, something.
>I just don't know exactly what.  This discussion is tiring though,
>and going nowhere.

Curt, as I have said repeatedly this thread is about "XAstir install
issues".  It is not about operating systems etc.  This discussion is going
nowhere since you aboslutely, positively refuse to admit that any "Xastir
install issues" exist.   You quote out of context or ignore questions you
don't want to answer.  It gets personal when you make it so, by ignoring the
facts and trying to attack me rather than address the issue at hand.  You
should really consider getting into politics, IMO, you seem be particularly
suited to that profession and would surely carry on it's fine history of
distorting, or at the very least ignoring facts.

The problem, is, and has been that you publicly ignore "Xastir install
issues".  Do you feel if you ignore a fact, it does not exist?

>At least my hangups about various operating systems are out in the
>open.  I think every .sig for several years has had it plainly in

Once again, we are not discussing operating systems, we are discussing
"Xastir install issues" , or have you forgotten again?  Your attempts to
change the subject will not work here.  Your hangup's about operating
systems is not relevant to the discussion, which, once again is "Xastir
install issues".

>> No, because you are not willing to address the "Xastir 
>install issues" in
>> public.

>On this forum.  Perhaps we should have a show of hands of how many
>APRSSIG subscribers are tired of seeing all the Xastir stuff drug
>through the mud here.  I'd think a rather large majority.  It's the
>wrong forum for Xastir technical issues.  Just as UI-View tech
>issues should be discussed elsewhere.

Lets see a show of hands how many APRSSIG subscribers who are tired of you
ignoring the issue at hand and refusing to address the "XAstir install

This Sig is the appropriate place to discuss APRS issues.  If someone posts
what a subscriber considers to be a misleading comment, it is considered
appropriate to point it out by posting a relevant comment.  That is the
entire reason I have been participating in this thread. 

I don't see how you could even remotely consider I have been dragging XAstir
thru the mud.  It is not about the XAstir application, it is not about the
operating system, it is about the difficulty users may encounter when
attempting to install XAstir.  But you refuse to admit the issue exists or
to address it, yet you shamelessly promote it.  Fine, but when you do that,
the least you could do is include warnings about the potential for the
install to fail and that the reasons have nothing to do with XAstir.  Of
course, if you refuse to do that, there is nothing to stop other Sig users
from posting relevant information.

>> Stop changing the subject, stay on Topic.  Your attempts to 
>attack other
>> applications is totally off topic.
>I don't see anything I've said as an attack.  Perhaps you should
>re-read.  You keep trying to get my goat.  Bored this week are you?

No, I am simply trying to get you to address "Xastir install issues" but you
refuse to do so.
>> Curt, in case you forgot, the topic is "XAstir install 
>issues".  Stop trying
>> to change the subject and address the issue under discussion.
>> Free maps and up-to-date maps are not the issue, though the 
>commerical map
>> are more up-to-date then most free maps.  However, the issue 
>is "XAstir
>> install issues".  Please address these issues.

>Bring it to the Xastir list.  Haven't I said that already?  This is
>all entirely off-topic.  Stan, are you listening?

Yep, you refuse to address the issue once again.  Your position is tried and
true, ignore it and it will go away, if that won't work, find a way to
squelch all open discussions about the issue and it will go away.  Enjoy.

Bill KC9XG
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