[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Steve Huston huston at astro.princeton.edu
Wed Nov 30 11:07:06 CST 2005

On Nov 30, 2005, at 11:31, Bill Diaz wrote:
>> On Wed, 30 Nov 2005, Bill Diaz wrote:
>>> Do you use UiView?  Have you looked at the API Roger
>>> provided.  Until then,
>>> your opinions do not have much value, IMO.  I have tried to
>>> install CygWin
>>> and XAstir but due to "XAstir install issues" I am unable to form an
>>> opinion.
>> So, likewise for opinions about Xastir then?  ;-)
> As I keep telling you, I cannot install XAstir due to "Xasitr install
> issues" which you REFUSE to admit exists!  How many times do you  
> need to be
> told?  I cannot form an opinion on something I can't install?   
> Should be a
> simple concept for you to to understand, but apparently the  
> challange is too
> great?

As should "take it to the Xastir email lists and off the general APRS  
one", apparently a concept beyond your own reach.

>> Yea, I've run it before, just to see what it does.  I used to
>> recommend it to people, back when Roger was around.  I used to have
>> somewhat regular dialogs with Roger in terms of fixing this or that
>> in Xastir or UI-View32.
> If Roger helped you, why do disparage UiView so much?  Especially  
> since
> Xastir has "install issues" and UiView does not.

With the number of people that I know that run Xastir on all  
platforms, I would say that the program does not have "install  
issues".  PEBKAC

>> Your opinion.  It's obvious you've got some hangup against
>> non-Windows clients, open-source clients, me personally, something.
>> I just don't know exactly what.  This discussion is tiring though,
>> and going nowhere.
> Curt, as I have said repeatedly this thread is about "XAstir install
> issues".  It is not about operating systems etc.  This discussion  
> is going
> nowhere since you aboslutely, positively refuse to admit that any  
> "Xastir
> install issues" exist.

And you refuse to bring up the problem you're having (which, I might  
add, has been drowned out by so much other noise that I don't even  
know, aside from "install issues", what the problem is) in the  
appropriate forum.  Are you the type to get on a mailing list for the  
Kenwood TS-2000 and complain that your local repeater doesn't send a  
CTCSS tone?  Or would you bring it up with the club that runs that  

> You quote out of context or ignore questions you
> don't want to answer.  It gets personal when you make it so, by  
> ignoring the
> facts and trying to attack me rather than address the issue at  
> hand.  You
> should really consider getting into politics, IMO, you seem be  
> particularly
> suited to that profession and would surely carry on it's fine  
> history of
> distorting, or at the very least ignoring facts.

Pot?  Kettle.

>> At least my hangups about various operating systems are out in the
>> open.  I think every .sig for several years has had it plainly in
>> view.
> Once again, we are not discussing operating systems, we are discussing
> "Xastir install issues" , or have you forgotten again?  Your  
> attempts to
> change the subject will not work here.  Your hangup's about operating
> systems is not relevant to the discussion, which, once again is  
> "Xastir
> install issues".

*yawn* Alpo called, they'd like to use that horse when you're done.

>>> No, because you are not willing to address the "Xastir
>>> install issues" in
>>> public.
>> On this forum.  Perhaps we should have a show of hands of how many
>> APRSSIG subscribers are tired of seeing all the Xastir stuff drug
>> through the mud here.  I'd think a rather large majority.  It's the
>> wrong forum for Xastir technical issues.  Just as UI-View tech
>> issues should be discussed elsewhere.
> Lets see a show of hands how many APRSSIG subscribers who are tired  
> of you
> ignoring the issue at hand and refusing to address the "XAstir install
> issues".

Well, I'm tired of hearing about it entirely - but then again, that  
could be because this issue is best served by a mailing list tailored  
for Xastir (install issues or not), and not one for a general  
discussion of APRS.  Especially since, as of yet, there has been no  
discussion of APRS in this thread entirely, only about a software  
program which happens to utilize the protocol.

>>> Curt, in case you forgot, the topic is "XAstir install
>>> issues".  Stop trying
>>> to change the subject and address the issue under discussion.
>>> Free maps and up-to-date maps are not the issue, though the
>>> commerical map
>>> are more up-to-date then most free maps.  However, the issue
>>> is "XAstir
>>> install issues".  Please address these issues.
>> Bring it to the Xastir list.  Haven't I said that already?  This is
>> all entirely off-topic.  Stan, are you listening?
> Yep, you refuse to address the issue once again.  Your position is  
> tried and
> true, ignore it and it will go away, if that won't work, find a way to
> squelch all open discussions about the issue and it will go away.   
> Enjoy.

I'll type this one slowly, in case you're not a fast reader:  And you  
refuse to take a discussion, which has no relevance on this list, to  
a list where you could actually get help related to the problem at  
hand.  Your position is also tried and true, only I simply wish you  
would ignore "it" - namely the repeated beating of one Dead Horse  
until it's not even usable as glue.

Dave Baxter at least brought up his issues with the install process  
on Windows in a relevant manner, and even brought up a question about  
joining the Xastir mailing list.  Dave, if you're still reading the  
thread: Since you mentioned having used batch files in the "early  
days", perhaps you were familiar with Usenet and can explain to Mr.  
Diaz the meaning of the phrase "*plonk*"

(If not, http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/P/plonk.html )

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