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[aprssig] Re: Xastir. Please (with spots on) read ALL of this, before replying.

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Wed Nov 30 22:26:26 UTC 2005

Oops.... Last time I tried to do a cygwin install, cygwin had changed
the way it did the user's home directory.  I ended up using an older
version of cygwin, and it went fine.  If cygwin makes you user home
directory c:\mydocuments, try this version:

Again, sorry I'd forgotten about that pesky detail.

Now as for griping about what cygwin costs you in metered downloads...
sheesh... you only have to download it once... it will cache on the HDD.
 Or order the CD... oh, I see you _have_ seen the CD can be ordered.
Who will pay the VAT?  Come on...do you think xastir is what Curt, Bill
and a bunch of us do fo a "day job"?  Refund if it doesn't work??  did
you want us to pay for your ham license renewal too?  Here's an idea:
Work out a deal with lintronics to be the UK distributor!  It'd probably
be a great help to other's in the UK if the shipping and VAT are a
problem. (seriously)

As for all the griping about xastir... yes, cygwin is a moving target.
So is the imagemagick library.  I have had many difficulties getting
xastir to run, but in the end, I feel the effort has been worthwhile.
My entry into xastir came at a time when my I started to run a linux
server for my employer's email system and my experience with xastir
helped me get my feet under me at work.  Your mileage may vary.  I've
expanded my horizons quite a bit by playing with the many variants of
linux and windows.  So far, my fastest install was under mepis linux at
35 minutes including installing mepis onto a hdd.  -On a side note, can
anyone imagine installing XP or win2k and <your fav aprs client> in 35
minutes on a 500mhz processor?


Dave Baxter wrote:
> Hi Curt, and others..
> OK on you originally authoring the readme.win32 file, nice job, very detailed, and up to a point (Step 5) it works well..  But, things have obviously changed with the way Xastir is distributed etc...
> Your own instructions call out using the ./bootstrap.sh method, so if that calls "heavy development" stuff, why does the script not check for the existence of such stuff, and go get it if it's not present?
> OK, so Xastir and Cygwin are free issue, so what.  It is not free in many parts of the world.  Net time is metered, and there are download quota's, mine is I think just over 2G a month.  I think I may see a bumped up bill after this exercise, so it has probably cost me as much as £10 perhaps, I won't know till the next invoice.  Is anyone from the Xastir development group going to re-imburse me that cost?  I think not...

Also, so the CD may only be $5 or so, what's the shipping cost to the
UK, including import duty and VAT?  Would anyone re-imburse a UK
customer who found they could not install it?>
> You wrote...

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