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[aprssig] Re: Operation Uinta Report

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Sat Oct 1 11:06:31 UTC 2005

At 08:20 PM 9/30/2005, Bruce Prior wrote:

>   One lightning strike was extremely close, as I sheltered in the car, 
> grateful for its insulating rubber tires.

If lightning can jump through several miles of atmosphere, a few inches of 
high-carbon vulcanized rubber (with embedded steel belts, no less), is not 
going to protect you from a lightning strike.   Modern passenger tires are 
up to 28% carbon black.

I have read at least one report where a dump truck hit a high voltage power 
line and the power flowing through the truck body and tires heated the air 
inside the tires enough to cause them to explode.   How many ENG Vans a 
year crank up their masts into power lines?

If you're lucky, the metal cocoon of a car around you will carry off the 
charge.    Been there, done that - in both cars and aircraft.   I've seen 
lightning hit underground power lines.

BTW, it's a myth that you can only be electrocuted if you're 
grounded.   Death by capacitance is a distinct possibility.   Electricity 
is a harsh mistress.



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