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[aprssig] A truly good distro of Linux

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Sat Oct 1 14:45:13 UTC 2005

Puppy Linux


This is a very good ram-disk based Linux package that can boot from a CD or 
a USB flash drive.  It's user friendly and it actually works.  You can run 
it without disturbing your regular hardware or OS install.

This is the only version of Linux I've ever seen boot up with everything 
working without any hair pulling - Soundcard, network card, video card 
(with working Hi-Res mode) all detected and working properly.   The only 
problem I had is with my Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse not working, but 
that was remedied with an old Logitech wired USB optical mouse in about 2 

I'm using Chubby Puppy which has Open Office included.  Bootable ISO for 
this is only 96 Megs.

If you've wanted to play with Linux but have been afraid to or don't have a 
spare computer, this is a relatively painless way to start.



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