[aprssig] Igateing a Non Amateur

James kb7tbt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 15:00:54 CDT 2005

Unfortunately Steve this is one of the flaws in WinAPRS, unlike UI-View 
there is NO validation code needed to send to a server to be gated to RF.

The registration is all you need, the generator creates the code and the 
default name is NITRUS, once you run the program then you can change the 
name to your call and it will stay. In fact there is a few crackz websites 
that list a code with the NITRUS for the default name.

WinAPRS also uses the registration code to SAVE the settings that you input 
into the program, you can still use it without reg codes but every time you 
close the program all your stats are erased.

Issuing new passwords will not solve this problem, as soon as a program is 
released there is a work around within a few hours if not minutes.
This includes UI-View and WinAPRS and whatever else you can think of.

The validation code is the best way to prevent non hams to be gated, it is 
also not perfect but it is a larger wall of defense.


"Don't forget to listen for the weak ones"  W3IY, Bill Seabreeze, SK.

> What I didn't know was that NITRUS until just now was a cracked  password 
> for WinAPRS, and obviously using it is illegal. I guess this  is why the 
> Sprouls are planning on issuing new passwords. Since this  password is 
> floating around, the perhaps Pete would consider  filtering or denying 
> connections from this call. I'm thinking about  filtering at findU, but at 
> least for now it may be useful to leave it  in.

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