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[aprssig] Igateing a Non Amateur

Mark White jmarkw at ec.rr.com
Sun Oct 2 18:26:58 UTC 2005

> You are not alone, Richard Stallman feels the  
> same way you do, and is quite eloquent in his promotion of the  
> concept. He believes any information that is useful belongs to  
> civilization as a matter of morality. He thinks it is OK to write a  
> novel and sell it, but if I write a how-to book, it belongs to  
> everyone and it is immoral to make money (even expenses). 

Ummm.....huh??  Please elaborate as I don't think you have a complete
understanding of the GPL, which I assume you're referencing by bringing
up Stallman's name.

> I call that  information communism, and I reject it just as I reject
> material  communism.

The GPL == Communism is a tired old argument proposed by those who quite
simply don't understand it.  You yourself said that licenses must be
adhered to.  If I produce some work and don't want corporate interests to
take over that work without returning that work to me, then I license my
software via the terms of the GPL.  If I don't care then I'll license it
via the BSD or some other equivalent license.  Better yet, I'll just
givem 'em the source.

> I have rights to the output of my brain just as I have  
> rights to the output of my hands.

Couldn't agree more.  However, please don't spread misinformation about
the GPL, or any other license for that matter, around.

73 de KE4QKT

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