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James kb7tbt at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 22:10:53 CDT 2005

This was my answers from them when I tried to obtain information.........

> If you check carefully, every coordination body around the country can and 
> is most cases is paid $1 per listing by the ARRL to go in the repeater 
> directory.

>>>  We have several means to get this information which represents a 
>>> significant investment of time and resources on the part of ARC 
>>> volunteers.  First, we take pride in the fact that our data sold to ARRL 
>>> is as accurate as we can make it as of the 1st of each year.

The Key Words Here Is "VOLUNTEER" and "NON-PROFIT " .

So the definition of a "Volunteer Coordination Body" does not include any of 
there time, recourses or possibly out of pocket expenses, very interesting.

So maybe the next time the gulf coast gets it's ass kicked we will all 
charge for our time recourses and out of pocket expenses to aid in there 


"Don't forget to listen for the weak ones"  W3IY, Bill Seabreeze, SK.

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> On Oct 2, 2005, at 6:43 PM, James wrote:
>> Would this include the fact that the Alabama Repeater Council  wanted to 
>> charge me for repeater listings in there area?
>> What would you classify the spirit in this case?
> First, 10 seconds with Google shows this organization is a registered 
> non-proffit:
> http://www.nonprofitdata.com/index.phtml?cmd=36736
> The fees they charge would therefore be used for their expenses.
> Steve K4HG
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