Amateur? (Was RE: [aprssig] Igateing a Non Amateur)

Dave Baxter dave at
Mon Oct 3 04:29:57 CDT 2005

> Ham radio is not just about sharing ideas. It is also about 
> providing service and making money.........

Really?   Lookup the dictionary definition of "Amateur"... for example (beware of

In the UK at least, we are not permitted to make any profit or gain
whatsoever as an "Amateur" in any field, be it technology, sport or art
for example....  You can still be "Professional" in the way you go about
it however.

I have no problem with providing (a) service, or any other amateur doing
so.  But if you profit or gain from doing so (in the way that you more
than cover your costs) you are not an "Amateur"...

I am not talking companies here, just individuals.

Also as a software & hardware creator and user (both as an Amateur at
home and a Professional here at the salt-mine) I can see the advantages,
and it has to be said disadvantages of "Open Source" etc.  It depends
much on the intended application, and the use it would be put to.

I also "provide a service" to friends and neighbours supporting and
sorting out the inevitable computer and home network troubles they get
into.  I do not charge for that, but willingly accept cup's of Tea,
Coffee, munchies etc, or if I'm not driving, a beer or two.

But I wouldn't waste away if I didn't accept them, and I'm most
definitely not even anyway near covering my costs much of the time.  I
do it to try to stem the rise and flow of Spam, by swamping out and
locking down "Zombie" PC's when I find them (more and more it has to be
said) with many of the "Free for Personal use" tools available,
downloaded "on site" it has to be said.  They also help me out in other
ways in return.  Gardening advice, and small building work etc..

Plus, I find that many of the so called "Professionals" do a
significantly less than professional job, and charge the earth for doing
it, also with no follow up support to their customers.

That I personally think is worse than covering your expenses as an
Amateur, in whatever field you operate or work in.

Bet that starts another thread.


	Dave B.  G0WBX.

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