[aprssig] Mic encoders

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 05:00:08 CDT 2005

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> every HAM mobile.  Still LOTS of advantages.  The main one is 
> NO COLLISIONS!  When you release your PTT on the voice 
> repeater, you are competing with no one.
> You WILL get your posit into the TNC at the digi.  And it 
> being at the HIGH site, it will do CSMA and have a high 
> probabilty of no collisions as it goes out onto 144.39.

Or 144.800 in the EU...

I suspect licensing issues may preclude that here.  Another signal on an
existing site etc, most (not all) also being commercial sites, can get
"a bit difficult" as the site will need to be "surveyed" again...  And
then there will be more cavity filters needed etc, to clean up the APRS

Telephone lines and broadband could be used to go direct to the IS, but
they cost beyond what many groups would be willing to pay.  It is also
unlikely on a commercial site that even if there was (probably is these
days) an existing network/gateway to the internet, that it would be made
available.  If it was, that would probably cost as much again as the
rent for the repeater's rack space did in the first place.

Perhaps the best way, is another station, remote to the repeater,
monitoring the voice repeater's output with a Mic-e capable gate direct
to the IS, and/or DIGI it to the local APRS frequency?  Assuming the
voice repeater doesn't garble the data burst that is, as I suspect those
that run CTCSS/pilot tones would do... 

No site compatibility issues, and AFIK no licensing issues either,
except for the unattended DIGI if used.

I think some late night "tests" are in order?  If I ever get the time...

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