[aprssig] Re: Mic encoders

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 05:16:53 CDT 2005

9 (or other) way D connectors?

Tooling for holes in cases is cheap and easy to get, PCB mountable parts
too.  OK, so they "look" like serial ports, but with some imagination,
it should be possible to layout the pin assignment to that no damage is
done to either device if some one actually connects it to a serial port.

You can get RJ45 to D9 shell's that are user configurable too, and it's
not too difficult to fit a mini Din connector where the cable would go.
For others, a straightforward tail with a round 7 or 8 (or whatever)
connector can be made up.

I've seen one user with a SOTT (a TT clone) use a single 15 way D
connector, that had everything going through it.  Power, data, status,
mic/ptt in and out etc.  When the SOTT was missing, a replacement link
plug went there instead.  (That was attached on the end of a cable tye,
so it didn't get lost!)

My six peneth worth...

Dave B. G0WBX.

PS:	RJ type connectors don't last long with repeated use, and in a
"roughty toughty" mobile/portable situation, even less life time, also,
not easily field fixable with only basic tools.  I wore out the front
panel mic connector on my 706 in under two years, un/plugging the mic
twice a day, so it could be hid.  (I have an adapter in the main body
mic socket now)

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