[aprssig] HamHUD II Revision E Pre-Order

Jason Rausch jason at ke4nyv.com
Mon Oct 3 08:43:30 CDT 2005

The HamHUD Group has revised the HamHUD project and
we're getting
ready to take kit orders.

Here is a rundown of the current project:

1. The NEW PCB contains ALL of the parts including the
user interface
2. The current design still requires a Kantronics
KPC3, KPC3+ or any
TNC-2 clone. MFJ and AEA TNC's have been sucessfully
tested for 100%
operation. The future hope is to add KISS support.
Please keep that
in mind.
3. There has been a vast improvement to the hardware
interface. The
single pin header has been replaced with a single DB15
connector that
can be mounted one of three ways to the board: On the
back sticking
out, along the bottom edge of the board to stick
straight down or on
the right side edge to stick out the right side end on
the unit.
Along with the connector, several output/input options
have been added
such as a +12VDC and +5VDC out for powering external
GPS units. There
is also a ground pin for every signal pin, no more
splitting up a
single ground for multiple hardware devices.
4. The new PCB has been sized to slide right into a
custom 130mm
extruded Hammond case. The standard case is 120mm, we
have worked out
a deal with Hammond to have these special 130mm cases
made for this
project. The cases will be pre-milled with all
required holes for UI,
LCD, LEDs and connectors. The cases are anodized

All other past functions of the original and second
generation HamHUD
IIs are still part of this version.

Please visit http://www.hamhud.net/hh2 for full
details of the HamHUD
II's functions. You can also download the user manual
from that site.

The current construction manual can be found at
Scratch/HH2RevE_Draft.pdf This manual will change as
we revise it.
Version 1.0 of the manual will be posted soon.

As we have to order soon to have HamHUD2-RevE ready
for Xmas (pcb can
take up to 7 weeks to get a good price) we will need a
list of those
who want to buy one. The price depends on the quantity
we are able to
buy as there are some good discounts at larger

To make kitting easier we will only provide the
following options:

PCB only: $10
PCB + case + FRAM: $44/$39/$35
Complete kit $135/$110/$90

$xx/$yy/$zz is price for 25/50/100 kits total
purchase. (All prices
plus shipping!). As there may be a mix the prices for
the last two
positions may vary a bit.
Please keep in mind: if you have to order parts the
complete kit is
most likely much cheaper then ordering small
quantities of parts and
pay shipping.

If you want to participate in the group buy please
email me, Jason at
jason at ... to be added to the pre-orders list. See
ke4nyv.com/hh2revebuy.htm for further info.

PLEASE! We don't have any commercial stake into this
adventure! ONLY
email me if you are willing to later pay for whatever
you signed up
for. Be aware that we may end up with the 25 unit
price if there isn't
enough interest for more. In case we get "late
payments" and the
quantity is larger then anticipated the prices will
naturally be
recalculated and any overpayment will be refunded.

I am personally offering to assemble units for those
who would not
like to build the kit. I can also assemble custom
interface cables
for your particular application ie. TNC/GPS/Power. if
please email me for a quote to the above email

The HamHUD Team

Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics

Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics

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