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[aprssig] Mic encoders

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Oct 3 14:23:52 UTC 2005

Now, what I'm waiting for is GNU Radio to mature a bit more.  From what I
saw at DCC, it looks like you should be able to receive and decode packet
data across a large swath of spectrum - possibly the entire 2 meter band,
given enough processing power!

You'd be able to use a frequency-agile transmitter to select from a whole
block of input frequencies, with the frequency and timeslot selected based
on GPS time and callsign to give an even distribution of usage and avoid

What I like about this most is that hams aren't generally so good at getting
low-level digi sites to reduce coverage area like the cellular networks do.
We're better at putting together big mountaintop repeater sites.  With a
multi-input scheme, you can vastly increase your network capacity without
having to increase the number if sites.

It'd be even better for Mic-E.  No need to worry about setting up a gateway
for a specific frequency, just make sure you've got a broadband RX site in


> Yes!  GOod idea!  It is easier to add a receiver set to the 
> voice repeater input for Mic-E at an existing APRS digipeater 
> than to add a TNC and additional transmitter at a voice 
> repeater.  (though it may get quite desensed 40% of the 
> time).  ANd this way it can use the existing APRS digi's CSMA 
> since it is already listening on the APRS channel.

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