[aprssig] Mic encoders

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 09:32:35 CDT 2005

Take care you don't wipe out the band for users of other modes.  SSB
DX'ing for example.  The one thing we don't need is yet more wide band
digital crud all over the place.

Now, up at UHF, DSSS would fly!

Dave B

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> Now, what I'm waiting for is GNU Radio to mature a bit more.  
> From what I saw at DCC, it looks like you should be able to 
> receive and decode packet data across a large swath of 
> spectrum - possibly the entire 2 meter band, given enough 
> processing power!
> You'd be able to use a frequency-agile transmitter to select 
> from a whole block of input frequencies, with the frequency 
> and timeslot selected based on GPS time and callsign to give 
> an even distribution of usage and avoid collisions.
> What I like about this most is that hams aren't generally so 
> good at getting low-level digi sites to reduce coverage area 
> like the cellular networks do.
> We're better at putting together big mountaintop repeater 
> sites.  With a multi-input scheme, you can vastly increase 
> your network capacity without having to increase the number if sites.
> It'd be even better for Mic-E.  No need to worry about 
> setting up a gateway for a specific frequency, just make sure 
> you've got a broadband RX site in range.
> Scott
> N1VG

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