[aprssig] ARPS-HF Frequency Stability Question

John Mc Hugh johnk.mchugh at att.net
Mon Oct 3 19:59:02 CDT 2005

It seems to me that Bob B has/had in his DOS APRS docs something about a 
"Tune" station for HF. This is a designated station that we all tune to. 
We set our freq by digi-ing thru' it.

We need to have this tune station. It needs to be 24/7 or as close as 
possible. Possibly in the center of the continent.
There are several stations that consistantly put out a good signal on 
30m.that could be used for this
Any volunteers?


John Mc Hugh, K4AG
Coordinator for Amateur Radio  
National Hurricane Center, WX4NHC
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Jon Adams wrote:

>Good morning all -
>I've been running HF APRS for over 10 years and as an HF Gate for nearly
>that long. When I listen to the traffic, I hear stations high and low of any
>one frequency, and if they're more than a few dozen Hz off, they don't
>decode very well. (running Kam+).
>I don't know how every station sets its operating frequency, I'd heard some
>time ago that some transceivers wouldn't let the station transmit if the
>dial (no matter where the modulated signal really was) above 10,150.0 kHz,
>so for a while it seemed that a block of stations were at that frequency.
>Today, I'm hearing stations at 10,150.4. I go over and check WWV and it's
>where it's always been.
>I know it gets easy to get into a loop with tuning - station B tunes to Sta
>A, C tunes to B, etc., until A discovers Z off-channel, and nudges the dial,
>and the whole thing starts anew.
>If there isn't a procedure already in place, then I'd suggest that a 24x7
>station in the mid-country be the reference - K7PW, K5RAV, N5NGN, N0LRF,
>KM5HG. I don't know which of those is more stable than the other, but maybe
>they can decide among themselves and one be the "reference". Once they've
>established that, then we can all tune to that one and lock the dial (unless
>your own station drifts). No station would retune themselves because of some
>other off-frequency station.
>73 - Jon N7UV

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