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[aprssig] Via teams on Linux car PC kit

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Tue Oct 4 18:46:37 UTC 2005

One thing that jumps out at me with these small form-factor PCs is that 
they are absolute pigs when it comes to power (90W is a low power 
version!)  I want APRS and basic networking, not high end video 
entertainment and gaming.

Has anyone played with any low power systems?  I looked at the specs on 
this one:


It's pricey at $500 a copy, but power consumption is around 2W.  It's 
also noticeably smaller (PC-104 form factor) and has about half a dozen 
RS232 ports.  There are some nice industrial type cases to go with it, 

Now if I can just manage to stumble across a sackful of money on the 
way home...


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