[aprssig] D700 Problem on APRS

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 5 21:43:29 CDT 2005

What is the packet path of the 700 and that of the
local digis that used to ack you pos packets?  Are
they all the same or compatible?  Did local digis
change configurations?  Did your beacon on the 700
become turned off?


--- nsaamiller <nsaamiller at nvc.net> wrote:

> Group-
> Strange problem on my D700:  I no longer get a MYPOS
> acknowlegement or beep.  It does transmit just after
> the TNC opens.  This happened earlier, appeared to
> correct itself and now it has recurred.  I have
> reset the radio, checked the appropriate
> connections, and it operates properly on voice.  The
> various controls appear to operate properly on the
> menus.  I seemed to get fewer "hits" from nearby
> stations last few days, now I get no hits.  On
> FINDU, I show up only from a day or so ago.  Any
> ideas?
> charles
> w0cjm
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