[aprssig] APRS "text messaging" over long distances

kb2scs at optonline.net kb2scs at optonline.net
Sat Oct 8 18:57:25 CDT 2005

Hi Ian
           Your message packets were heard by an APRS Igate.
The Igate station sent your message packets via the internet.
An Igate in Texas put your message packets back out on RF were K5LTC-
9 heard them. The same path happened in reverse from K5LTC-9 to you.

On 8 Oct 2005 at 19:33, Ian wrote:

> Someone smarter than me (that should be most people on this list) please
> tell me how this happens.  I am on top of Mt. Greylock in western MA in my
> car with a TM-D700A running WIDE2-2 and K5LTC-9 is near Dallas TX 
> same setup and path in his car and we are text messaging each other 
in near
> real-time, and getting ACKs back.  I thought WIDE2-2 was suppose to 
> things rather "local" and this is well over a 1000 miles.  Are 
> keeping track of our locations and overriding paths when a message 
is sent?
> TIA, Ian N8IK-9

Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
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