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[aprssig] Satellite ranging

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 08:35:54 UTC 2005


I read somewhere that it has been done, but with a voice repeater on the
ground.  However, as I seem to recall, it's not just the path delay that
you see, it's also the delay in all the audio filtering in the box
(bird) and your own radio's too.  I think the article I read, they were
trying to confirm measurements from some other experiment, and had to
calculate the path delay, to determine the "real" group delay through
the repeater, or was it the other way round, I forget...

No doubt you could do that with a satelite too, but you'd need to know
in advance the delay through the bird's circuits, and your radio's (at
least that is easy to do) come to that!.  If that would be significant
over the extended distance/path delay to/from a satelite that is...
Try it...


Dave G0WBX

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> Howdy,
> Has anyone done ranging experients, using a two channel CRO 
> and sending a signal via a satelite and working out the slant 
> range from delay ?
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