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[aprssig] Sirf GPS

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Mon Oct 10 14:59:13 UTC 2005

This module is marked TIM-S as best I can tell.  The label has been
partially rubbed off. It seems to be made by SIRF and/or UBLOX.  I
haven't been able to find anything on either site that tells me how to
get breadcrumb tracks from it, however I did find mention of a unit in
the same family that says it stores 100,000 points.  The unit has a
2.5mm stereo plug for serial data and a small max232 chip onboard.  I've
been able to see that it powers up and sends NMEA data at 4800 baud.

Truthfully, a friend of a friend found this unit in her car, probably
placed they by a P.I., and we're just trying to find the first
breadcrumb track so that we can determine when it was installed.  The
unit has had all serial numbers and model numbers obscured, but some of
the o-rings on the case are showing a bit of age on them, so we assume
this was not this GPS's first ride in a vehicle - ie it was not placed
there by a spouse, but rather by a "professional"... who by the way did
a poor job of hiding the unit.


Rahn wrote:
> Wes Johnston wrote:
>> I have a SIRF GPS module that ID's itself:
> I think we need more information than this. It appears that SIRF is just
> the chipset maker. There appears to be several different companies that
> use the SIRF chipset for their modules. I have an Axiom Sandpiper II
> that uses a SiRF chipset. And I quickly found a couple more that use it.
> See if you can find out who made the module and we will probably have a
> better idea how to use it.
> OEM Modules usually just provide output and don't have much for track
> storage. But then again, without knowing the maker of your module I
> wouldn't say that for sure.
> Here is SiRF's website....  http://www.sirf.com/

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