[aprssig] Sirf GPS

Tyler Allison tyler at allisonhouse.com
Mon Oct 10 13:03:53 CDT 2005

Sorry for the double post a minute ago..

> Tried this software from Ublox?

>From the product catalog it looks like the chipset in your GPS is an older
version. You may be able to run the serial number through them..depends
how friendly their support staff is. If you can get to one of their techs
he may be able to look at the pictures and tell you the model/make.

If you feel like talking to someone they do have some contact info:

u-blox America, Inc.
13800 Coppermine Road
Herndon, VA 20171
Phone: +1 (703) 234 5290
Fax: +1 (703) 234 5770
info_us at u-blox.com


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