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[aprssig] APRS in Atlanta

Mon Oct 10 18:05:58 UTC 2005

Users have to understand the limitations of APRS and know the likelihood of
a packet making it beyond two hops isn't that good and that by making it to
an Agate will allow your packet to be seen by the world.  So you want to
send your message to a friend a couple of states over?  Don't use WIDE5-5,
use WIDE2-2 and get to an I-Gate.  Their local I-Gate will send your message
out to them and you haven't had to mess up everyone else's networks in the

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> Now I'm no expert but distance isn't the name of the game here. 
> Contrary to all other forms of Ham Radio you DON'T want you signal to 
> go far, you just want it to make it to the next IGate. If the nearest 
> IGate is only 2 hops away why send your signal 5 or 6 hops away?

What if you don't care about the IGates?  There's still a lot more to APRS
then the Internet side of things.

Other then that, you're absolutely correct -- you don't "normally" try for
DX like other forms of Amateur Radio.

Bill - WA7NWP

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