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[aprssig] APRS in Atlanta

John Ronan aprssig at ei7ig.org
Tue Oct 11 11:43:06 UTC 2005

On 11 Oct 2005, at 12:13, Christensen, Eric H wrote:

> We are talking more about in America where we don't pay per kB.   
> I've seen
> some very strange paths and operations across the pond and if that  
> works for
> you then continue on.  We, over here, are looking for robustness and
> reliability in a network.

Hey now,

When using the tarring brush, be careful what/who you paint... :)

I'm all for stability and robustness, and as we are only building a  
network, WIDEN-N and the NSR are all we know... but we are learning!

de John

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