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[aprssig] What could I do with these Spread Spectrum data radios?

Scott Johnson - kd5mhm kd5mhm at kd5mhm.org
Wed Oct 12 10:08:50 UTC 2005

Howdy, y'all!
I could use some advice.  I have 8 spread-spectrum data radios that let me 
run 9600 full-duplex (and higher up to 38400, but not full-dup).  I'm 
seeking suggestions on how I might best use these in my area.  The radios 
just deal with whatever comes in/out their serial port.  They have their own 
proprietary protocol on the RF side that includes addressing and 
error-correction, freq hopping, and spectrum management.  They work great 
for pretty long distances and are in the unlicensed 900MHz band.  For more 
info, see Microwave Data Systems' website about the MDS9810 radio.

If you reply to me off-list, I will post a summary to the list in a week or 
two for peer review.  Don't want to clog up the list since this not about a 
specific APRS problem.

Out here in West Texas the 'network' is still pretty clean and clear, 
contrary to what I guess the situation must be in congested areas (based 
upon the posts about net traffic issues).

I'd like to use them for something really useful, but questions I have 
Due to their proprietary nature, are these useless for APRS support in my 

Should I look at them for use with Packet and not APRS?

Their modes of operation are geared for Master/Slave 'networking' and/or 
repeater ops.  This doesn't seem to me to fit APRS well, but perhaps I'm 
missing a great application of these units.  Perhaps because I'm not in a 
congested area?  What application am I too blind to see?

I'm also involved with emergency operations here, would I be better off 
trying to figure something useful there rather than with APRS?

These seem to be not much more than a "wireless, long serial cable".  Am I 
missing some cool application for operating through a remotely located 
station? (such as laptop mobile in the car rf-linked to tnc/radio in a fixed 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

kd5mhm at kd5mhm.org

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