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APRS RF DX? (Was RE: [aprssig] APRS in Atlanta - flooding the network)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 12 12:58:04 UTC 2005

>>> dave at emv.co.uk 10/12/05 5:19 AM >>>
>AFIK with a little fiddling of SSID's etc, you can 
>"steer" your APRS RF packet in the 4 general 
>directions. NSE&W if you need...  Comments Bob?

No one really implemented it other than Kenwood 
and it needs to be in the digipeaters to work.  So
I have abandoned that concept and no longer
support it.

>As for inserting the native call's of digi's to build a 
>route yourself. One fatal flaw in that argument.  
>It assumes you know the call's in the first place...

THe whole purpose of PHG and Range circles and
10 minute DIGI ID's was so that users couild quickly
see the range and overlaps of digis and quickly 
divine a path from any point A to point B.   But UIview 
not only does not natively display PHG range circles 
on every DIGIi, it does not even provide a means to 
assure that every station includes its PHG in its
beacon.  Thus most UIview users (most of APRS these 
days) are blind to the topology of the network and
how to communicate point-to-point.

>It assumes you know the call's in the first place...
> or they can even be identified.  Many digi's don't
> beacon,

Every digi is supposed to digi direct (locally) every
10 minutes so that no one is ever more than 10 
minutes away from discerning his surrounding network.

>& many don't substitute call's

All digis these days should be callsign-substituting...

> (not sure if Widen-N even allows it?)

Under the New-N Paradigm, ALL WIDEn-N digis
trace the path by putting their callsign in the path
so that all paths in the New-N system arrive with 
the complete path as taken intact.

> so you don't know they are even there, except 
>that "something" passed the packet on.

Exactly,  one of the main reasons for the New-N
paradigm.  To eliminate this problem and make all
paths traceable from the source to destination.

de WbAPR, Bob

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