[aprssig] APRS via satellite

Rahn whiskey7doa at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 11:01:45 CDT 2005

Hello everyone.
    I have a lot of questions about APRS via satellite. I know very 
little about it right now so I will probably use a lot of wrong 
terminology so please bear with me. From what I understand, there are 
birds up there that simply act as digi's. As you might expect, they are 
not always avaiable for you to use.
Questions section
1. I am running a D700 mobile and am wondering about antenna's. I 
currently have a mobile dual band antenna. That is, of course, 
vertically polarized. Can I communicate with satellites with this type 
antenna? I know that during field day this year went they were doing 
voice ops through satellite they were using a yagi type antenna. Do you 
have to have a special antenna to communicate through a satellite?
2. What is the best way to pick the "bird" you want to use? It seems 
there are several to choose from. And what is the best way to track that 
bird so that you know you are getting into it?

In short, I am looking for some elmering on this topic.

Thanks for anyhelp.

Rahn Abbott

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