UI-View Bashing (was Re: APRS RF DX? (Was RE: [aprssig] APRS in Atlanta - flooding the network))

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 12 14:59:34 CDT 2005

>>> aprs at kd4rdb.com 10/12/05 2:50 PM >>>
>As for UI-View setting the PHG for home users
> (ie advertising your home qth PHG), that's really 
>not of much use.

Seeing the PHG on home stations becomes valuable
when the digi dies or is flooded out and you want
to see who's home stations you can digipeat through 
to get from point A to B.  Usually when you are in
this kind of circumstance, it does not work well to
then try to ask everyone, "please now enter your PHG
because now I need it, even though I never
really needed it before"...

>Most of the stations we are interested in seeing 
>PHG stats are digipeaters, so I don't know if a
>home user transmitting his PHG is really of 
>any _value_ to us.

True, but the proper HAM motto for public service
is to "be prepared"...

>I don't know if the plugin does this, but it'd sure be 
>slick if a plugin could "connect the dots" and make a
>path suggestion for users. 

Actually, as the New-N paradigm becomes fully
implemented, and ALL packets arrive with a fully
traceable path, there will be a LOT more we can
do to facilitate point-to-point and return-path

APRSdos and I think a UIview add-on already 
will draw a trace line-by-line digi-to-digi on the
map to show how someone's packet gets to you.  
See the APRSdos example down about the
middle of this long page:



Robert Bruninga wrote:
> I wasnt "bashing" UIview, I was only making  these points.
> 1) UIview makes no provision to help users  enter
>    their PHG data nor to transmit it
> 2) UIview does not display PHG circles or RF
>     ranges of stations on the map so people can see
>     what range coverage different stations have
> 3) There is an add-on to UIview that does this, but
>     only a small percentage of people use it.
> 4) UIview is the most widely used program on APRS
>     now and thus is what "most people" see
> And the sum of all the above is not "bashing" UIview,
> it is a statement of fact, that this leaves the APRS
> network with out the fundamental RF real-time display
> of RF coverage information that was fundamental to 
> the APRS  concept in the first place.
> Just reminding people of the facts.
> de Wb4APR, Bob
>>>>ve7gdh at rac.ca 10/12/05 12:08 PM >>>
> Bob WB4APR wrote on Oct 12 2005
>>But UIview not only does not natively display PHG range circles
>>on every DIGIi, it does not even provide a means to assure that
>>every station includes its PHG in its beacon.  Thus most UIview
>>users (most of APRS these days) are blind to the topology of the
>>network and how to communicate point-to-point.
> Windows doesn't natively support viewing text files but it comes with a
> "better than nothing" text editor that works. I use a much improved 3rd
> party text editor. OK... so UI-View doesn't "natively" display PHG circles.
> SO WHAT????? There is a rather nice "add-on" that does. Do you think that
> all UI-View users are too stupid to install the add-on program? It really
> irks me when you make blanket statements like that. Do you perhaps think
> that only users that are blind to topology gravitate to UI-View, or perhaps
> ones that are less than intelligent? If you want to bash UI-View (or the
> people using it) why don't you do it over on the UI-View list?
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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