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APRS RF DX? (Was RE: [aprssig] APRS in Atlanta ...)

Chris Kantarjiev cak at dimebank.com
Thu Oct 13 17:45:16 UTC 2005

> You know what I think is really missing from APRS is a really good HOWTO that's
> all located at one web site. I've had to read through multipule web sites that
> sometime contridict each other to figure settings out. Maybe it exsists but I
> can't find it.Anybody got a web site that has _all_ APRS information from start
> to finish? 

You've hit the nail on the head - there are too many old, wrong,
out of date sites - and no way to contact the owners. Unfortunately,
some of those owners are also running digis that are old, wrong
and out of date, and aren't 'fixable'...

Dig through Bob Bruninga's site, 


because it's got the truth in there - along with a lot of stuff
that's more specific for the DOS client. Read, especially


Also look at http://nwaprs.info/beginners.htm and the rest
of the nwaprs site.

And finally, contact your local APRS digi operators for
the skinny on what's best in *your* area.

73 de chris K6DBG

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