[aprssig] PHG add on for UI-View

Art Bertheaume abertheaume at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 13 14:39:57 CDT 2005

Dave Baxter,
The PHG add-on for Ui View was authored by Lee Inman K0QED and is available at this web site:
It can also be found following links from Andy Pritchards web site by clicking the Software button and then choosing Lee-K0QED under the "Other Add On Sites" category.
   You were looking for a program to "connect the dots"  Not sure if you are using Ui-VIew but there is an excellent add-on for that as well. Titled "Ui-Path32"  .  Available from Andy Pritchards web site here:
   Click the "Software" button on the left hand side of the screen and follow the link from that page that says "Click Here for add on software such as UI-Path32, UI-Weather et al"
Ui-Path is is real time as heard and not relying on user input of bogus or incorrect PHG settings.

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