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[aprssig] PHG and HAAT

N0YXV - Stan Coleman n0yxv at gihams.org
Fri Oct 14 01:47:52 UTC 2005

> While it won't be completely 
> accurate it would be much more like reality than a PHG 
> circle.

Huh? Then why would we go to the trouble to change the existing PHG
protocol? I guess what I'm saying is if PHG isn't accurate and your
approach isn't accurate then it sounds like we're wasting time. I can't
ever envision any protocol that would be 100% accurate anyway so why are
we even really talking about this anyway? Seams to me like we're trying
to split hairs. No protocol that depends on input from humans can ever
be 100% accurate.

Don't forget any change in protocol that would display RF data would
leave all current clients without anyway to display the new protocol. So
you would go from just one client that doesn't natively support PHG to
all clients not natively supporting the new protocol. Then you'd have to
work at getting all client software updated. After that point in time
you'd have to go back and reeducate people to download the new software
and explain to them how to correctly enter new data into a new client.
Wow I'm tired just typing about it. ;-)

Would seam to me it would be easier to just educate people and tell them
that PHG circles are only an educated guess (if entered properly) at the
possible coverage of the transmitter on a good day when the wind is
blowing from the correct direction with a full moon rising.

I still somewhat of a newbie so help me out here. How can you get a
negative number for HAAT? Did you dig a hole and put an antenna in it?
It would seam to me the lowest HAAT number you could come up with is
zero. Zero meaning your not gaining anything over the average height of
the surrounding terrain.

My opinion; UI-View's problem is not that it doesn't display PHG circles
but that it doesn't naturally transmit PHG circles.

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