[aprssig] Re: UI-View Bashing

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 14 11:11:01 CDT 2005

>>> steve.jones at rogers.com 10/13/05 7:45 PM >>>
>> Thats about  8% .  Which is why I used the term
>> "only a small percentage" of UIview stations are
>> transmitting PHG

>No, you said that only a small percentage of 
>UI-View people are using  the add-on.  You didn't 
>mention that to use it they had to be transmitting PHG.
>There's probably a fair number of people out 
>there using the add-on  but not transmitting PHG.

1) That is because there are MORE that are transmitting
it than using the add on!  So I gave the LARGER 
value.  OK, shall I reduce the 8% to exclude all 
those stations that have entered a PHG but are
not using the add on?

2) If someone has taken the effort to install a PHG
add-on to to UIview so that he can see the PHG
of other stations, it would violate my understanding
of human nature not to expect him to then also 
not want to transmit his own PHG

3) If a PHG add-on to UIview did not include the
simple provision to PROMPT the user to enter
his PHG, then I would say the add-on should
add this process.

Every fixed station has an expressable PHG just 
like it has a LAT and LONG.  Why not enter it and transmit
it if you just downloaded the tool to do it with?

What difference if it is 4% or 8% or 12%, I was
simply making the point that it is still a small 
number.  Thus, the view of APRS to the other 
90% or so are not seeing this whole dimension
to APRS which is so valuable to local RF


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