[aprssig] UI-View Add-ons

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 14 15:12:23 CDT 2005

>...That's about  8%....of UIview stations transmitting 
>PHG and even fewer have the add-on to display it. 

I think my point boils down to my concern over what
the other people on my APRS map are seeing?  Are they
seeing what I am seeing?  (That was the whole point
of APRS as a standard in the first place)...

Would it not be a good idea (if not already done) to
put UIview together with those excellent add-ons 
that give it some of the fundamental APRS functionality
that are not in the original?  This way, everyone new
that downloads UIvew, (lets call it UIview+)  would
automatically get a program that shows them what
APRS intended?  That is, an APRS system where we can 
have  reasonable expectations that everyone in the 
area is  "seeing the same thing"...?

The add-ons that I consider fundamental to APRS are 
the ones that show the path information, the ALOHA 
range circle and both transmnit and receive PHG information.
Was there also one that fixed the problem of 
managing multiple objects? etc.

I just want to know that everyone else I see on 
my APRS display and that are participating in 
an event or situation, in the local area are seeing
about the same information available in the RF

de WB4APR, Bob

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