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Keith - VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Fri Oct 14 15:49:47 CDT 2005

Bob WB4APR wrote on Oct 14 2005

> >...That's about  8%....of UIview stations transmitting
> > PHG and even fewer have the add-on to display it.
> I think my point boils down to my concern over what
> the other people on my APRS map are seeing?  Are they
> seeing what I am seeing?  (That was the whole point
> of APRS as a standard in the first place)...

APRS may be a standard, but what people see depends on what
program(s) they are running on their own computer.

> Would it not be a good idea (if not already done) to
> put UIview together with those excellent add-ons
> that give it some of the fundamental APRS functionality
> that are not in the original?  This way, everyone new
> that downloads UIvew, (lets call it UIview+)  would
> automatically get a program that shows them what
> APRS intended?  That is, an APRS system where we can
> have  reasonable expectations that everyone in the
> area is  "seeing the same thing"...?

It would be impossible *** to bundle them all together into one
installation program because Roger's wishes (G4IDE) before he passed
away were that the source code be destroyed. However, I could edit the
UI-View site to come up with a more coherent list of the add-ons that
are available. Most are already listed right on the main page at
www.ui-view.org, but I could create a new page that tries to list all
of the add-ons that are available and place a prominent link on the
main page. It may be a few days before I get to it.

*** Just read Stephen's response. Sounds like he might be able to
come up with something along the lines of what you are thinking of.
I'll still go ahead and try and come up with a more coherent list of
add-ons when I get a chance.

> The add-ons that I consider fundamental to APRS are
> the ones that show the path information, the ALOHA
> range circle and both transmit and receive PHG information.

There are already links to the ALOHA and PHG add-ons right on the main 
page at www.ui-view.org.

> Was there also one that fixed the problem of
> managing multiple objects? etc.

Are you referring to what was described a few weeks ago when an
individual has multiple objects and them all being transmitted at
once? I don't believe there was a "fix" for this, but if memory serves
me, a solution was offered where the individual could just edit their
own map. Unless I'm getting confused with another thread, what raised
that point in the first time could be solved for that particular user
without even creating objects.

> I just want to know that everyone else I see on
> my APRS display and that are participating in
> an event or situation, in the local area are seeing
> about the same information available in the RF
> network.

If they are using the same programs as you, then it is likely they
will be seeing the same thing you are using. If they are seeing
different programs then they could be something different. For
instance, my map might have an underlay that shows weather radar.
Yours may or may not. I might be translating callsigns on my screen to
shorten them. You might not. I may or may not be displaying my aloha
circle or PHG information on my map. From your earlier comments, I
presume that you always display them. Just depends on what I'm doing.
I would think that the only way to ensure that everyone at an event
sees exactly the same thing would be to ensure that they were all
using the same programs with the same settings. Even if they are using
different software, if they know how to use the program they are
using, they "should" be able to see the same thing that you are
seeing. It would be a fair comment to say that some people would be
more familiar with the programs they are using than others.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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