[aprssig] UI-View Add-ons

Stan Coleman [NØYXV] n0yxv at gihams.org
Fri Oct 14 16:48:34 CDT 2005

> I am now experimenting with a second level installer that would
> sequentially execute several separate installers packed into a single
> distribution  file.   It would first execute the main UIview 2.03
> installer, and then run a second one that could install all the add-ons
> in one pass. This will probably be somewhat clunky and definitely bulky
> since multiple INSTALL.EXE utilities would be incorporated into a single
> file.


I have an older laptop running Win98 that I use a lot in the car for mobile
APRS. It would be nice if the installer would give me the option as to what
Plug-Ins I wanted to add. Some of the Plug-Ins I've tried don't give me the
option to shut them off until needed. That means that I have had to uninstall
some of the Plug-Ins to keep my little laptop running.

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