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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Oct 14 17:42:00 CDT 2005

n0yxv at gihams.org wrote:
> I have an older laptop running Win98 that I use a lot in the car for mobile
> APRS. It would be nice if the installer would give me the option as to what
> Plug-Ins I wanted to add. Some of the Plug-Ins I've tried don't give me the
> option to shut them off until needed. That means that I have had to uninstall
> some of the Plug-Ins to keep my little laptop running.
UIview add-ons are controlled by .XTR files that determine whether they 
start automatically with UIview, or terminate automatically when UIview 
exits. (Some add-ons can continue to receive data externally, via TCPIP 
or AGW, with UIview shut down).   Each add-on has it's own XTR file, 
created when the add-on is installed (or run the first time).  XTRs live 
in the main UIview program directory and create the list of items-to-run 
that show on the "FILE" pulldown within UIview.   

In turn, the XTR files can be reviewed and edited via the add-on  "XTR 
Control Panel"  available at M0CYP's UI-View add-ons page at:


Once installed, the XTR Control Panel itself has an XTR that will cause 
"XTR Control Panel" to show as an item to run under the UI-View "FILE" 
pulldown.  When called up, it produces a list of all the other add-ons 
present. For each one, it allows you to check boxes for "Start with 
UIview" and "Close with UI-View".    The Control Panel can, at will, 
define some addons to start automatically with UIview,  and others to 
only run manually on-demand.

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