[aprssig] N1547C Aeronautical Mobile

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Tue Oct 18 16:17:50 CDT 2005

My 2cents worthe

This is a ham radio station transmitting from an aircraft.

The liceneced operation on the ham radio frequencies is a ham radio licence
and callsign.

The licenced opeartion on the aviation frequencies is down to the aircraft

The fact that it is coming from a plane is no different from a house.

What is different is the uniqueness of the event.

It would be therefore fair to asy that the aircraft would eminate ham
orginated traffic from the aircraft from a ham source callsign.

There is one other thing to consider as well.

If this sort of traffic leaks to another country, how are they to treat an
aeronautical callsign on a ham system ?

I am all for it, just use a ham callsign as the source, and use the comment
field "N1547C" in the comments


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