[aprssig] Worldwide APRS Digipeater statistics

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 18 17:18:16 CDT 2005

Progress on the New-N upgrade since August...
 -  Conversion of old N's to New S's up 12% to 490
 - Virtually no change in fixing the old R, W and T's
   which do not support WIDEn-N at all.

Simple parameter changes can upgrade these using 
the SAME hardware!  Just change R and W digis to 
WIDE1-1 digis and program the T's to P's as shown
on the FIX14439 web page.  (though, the best fix 
is to replace their ROMS with UIdigi ROMS).

Here are the numbers compared to 60 days ago:

New-N-Paradigm Digis:
  S digis 490 was (430)   New-N's that support SSn-N 
  L digis   75 was   (70)   New-N's (should be S's)
  F digis   20 was   (15)   KPC3 old ver 8.2 FLOOD only
  P digis   20 was   (13)   New-N   Paccomms (need work here)
  1 digis  30  was   (40)   New-N   one-hop digis

Old style digis:
  N  515 was  (560)   Old -N's that flood and bad timings
  T  115 was  (112)   obsolete PacComm Trace digis
  U  135 was  (140)   UIDIGI ROMS needing updating to "S"
  D    75 was    (70)   DIGI_NED needing updating to "S"
  R    95 was    (90)   obsolete RELAY. Change to WIDE1-1
  W  12 was     (16)   obsolete WIDE.  Change to WIDE1-1


So progress has really slowed.  Look at your map.
If there are R, W or T digis in your area, help the local
SYSOP to get them fixed.  If there are "N" digis that 
1) dont show the type of TNC in the TOCALL
2) dont show the "Wn,SSn" capabilities
3) Are not beaconing mostly DIRECT
Then they need to have new parameters so they
too can join the proper "S" digi implementations
of the New-N paradigm.

de Wb4APR, Bob

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