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[aprssig] N1547C Aeronautical Mobile

Phil Reed preed at dnaco.net
Tue Oct 18 23:06:21 UTC 2005

Andrew Rich wrote:
> My 2cents worthe

Comments intermixed.

> If this sort of traffic leaks to another country, how are they to treat an
> aeronautical callsign on a ham system ?

Depends. How do they handle it now? Ham signals don't stop at the border.

Generally speaking, the transmission needs to follow the appropriate
rules in the country of origin.

> I am all for it, just use a ham callsign as the source, and use the comment
> field "N1547C" in the comments

Why? The TNC could be transmitting the ham callsign in morse tones every
9.5 minutes; that form of ID would never be picked up by listening TNCs
or the APRS infrastructure, yet it would still be perfectly legal
according to the FCC rules. There is no requirement that the ID must be
in the From: field of the APRS packet.

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