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Richard Amirault ramirault at erols.com
Wed Oct 19 12:47:44 CDT 2005

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>> From: "Richard Amirault" <ramirault at erols.com>
>> I assume you would be doing this on the ham bands.
>> Unless there is a ham
>> onboard the balloon I don't think that this would be
>> legal ...
>>>>> huh?  since when did you have to be a liscenced
> ham to listen ?

The "listening" part is the part you deleted from the quote of my message.

Hams are supposed to talk to other hams, not the general public, aren't 
they?  A ham transmission, be it voice, fast scan TV, data, or whatever,  to 
the general public at large is called 'broadcasting'  That's against the 
rules.   A transmission from a ham to a single, specific non-ham is, as far 
as I understand it, also against the rules .. THAT was the way the original 
question was phrased. (something to the effect of:  "I want to transmit WX 
data to a hot air baloon")

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