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This has been covered here many times over the years... but here goes once again...

Unattended (automatic control) transmission of one-way telemetry is permitted under the US FCC amateur rules.

With respect to one-way transmissions of weather information:

97.3(a)(45) defines "telemetry" as "a one-way transmission of measurements at a distance from the measuring instrument."

97.111(b)(7) explicitly permits one-way transmission of telemetry information.

As for unattended transmitters:
97.3(a)(6) defines automatic control as "The use of devices and procedures for control of a station when it is transmitting so that complaince with the FCC Rules is achieved without the control operator being present at a control point."

97.109(d) states that "When a station is being automatically controlled, the control operator need not be at the control point...Automatic control must cease ipon notification by a District Dierector that the station is transmitting improperly..." 

Under 97.221(b), "A station may be automatically controlled while transmitting RTTY or data emissions on the 6 m or shorter wavelength bands..."

I'm not a lawyer (and I don't play one on TV), but these rules tell me that:

1. Using an amateur radio transmitter to transmit weather data (or the position of an aircraft, for that matter) is a permited one-way transmission. (One way means there does not have to be an intended recipient.)

2. It is permitted to build a tracker that has built in identification and put it in a place or vehicle that is not attended by a licensed amateur, as long as you can get to it and turn it off if it creates a problem.

(flame resistant clothing on)

Paul W2PI

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> >> I assume you would be doing this on the ham bands.
> >> Unless there is a ham
> >> onboard the balloon I don't think that this would be
> >> legal ...
> >
> >>>>> huh?  since when did you have to be a liscenced
> > ham to listen ?
> The "listening" part is the part you deleted from the quote of my 
> message.
> Hams are supposed to talk to other hams, not the general public, 
> aren't 
> they?  A ham transmission, be it voice, fast scan TV, data, or 
> whatever,  to 
> the general public at large is called 'broadcasting'  That's 
> against the 
> rules.   A transmission from a ham to a single, specific non-ham 
> is, as far 
> as I understand it, also against the rules .. THAT was the way the 
> original 
> question was phrased. (something to the effect of:  "I want to 
> transmit WX 
> data to a hot air baloon")
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