[aprssig] How to set up a radio

Edwards, Chris cedwards at trane.com
Wed Oct 19 15:18:47 CDT 2005

I also like the MFJ tnc/mic switches that allows you to easliy go from th
eTNC to the mic. I have run an FT-2400 on packet and APRS 24/7 since 1994.


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I want to set up a fixed station of some sort. I have not decided 
whether to make it a digi, I-gate, Sat-gate or WX. Before I get that far 
I need to know if there is a way to use radios that do not have built in 
TNC's or serial outputs. Specifically I have a Yaesu FT-2400 that is a 
brick of a radio but the mic bit the dust on it. I payed $100 for the 
radio and to get a new mic is $70. I don't want to pay $70 for a $100 
radio. Now, can I, somehow, hook a TNC to it, maybe through the mic 
jack, to make it an APRS station? I don't have any stations here to look 
at locally as it's not a very popular pastime here...yet. I am supposed 
to be getting a TNC this week from another ham operator. It's supposed 
to be a Katronics.... I'd have to look at the model to see what it is 
but it should work. I just need to figure out how to put the two together.

Rahn Abbott

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