[aprssig] D700 as a digi

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 19 18:59:32 CDT 2005

>Wasn't there a quirk, in the UIFLOOD in the d700?

Yes, do not use UIFLOOD with NOID.
But then under the New-N Paradigm, UIFLOOD
is always supposed to be set with ID instead 
of NOID.  So the quirk is avoided.

>Other than that, it's a fine digipeater for emergency 
>services....  Mine is setup right now for SCSGn-n for
>just those times when i need a little extra "boost" 
>outbound from a laptop in a building [via my car].

Curious, why not just digi via your car's call?
And, what is SCSGn-N?  South Carolina..what?

My recommendation for a permanent AD-HOC path 
in their D700's is to support TEMPn-N.  Thus it can
be left on all the time, and not only used by yourself
but is a consistent system for others to use too...

de Wb4APR, bob

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