[aprssig] D700 as a digi

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 19 19:40:56 CDT 2005

>> My recommendation for a permanent AD-HOC path 
>> in their D700's is to support TEMPn-N.  Thus it can
>> be left on all the time, and not only used by yourself
>> but is a consistent system for others to use too...
>Wouldn't that be a hard coded TEMP1-1 to function 
>as an alternate to  WIDE1-1?

No, not at all.  

1) Because you dont need an alternative to WIDE1-1
since it always works and works well.  And can be
turned on or off from the front panel.

2) The idea is to have a TEMPn-N system ready to
go at a moments notice by ANY D700 mobile that
arrives on the scene and then to have packets
via HIS digi go multiple hops out via other TEMPn-N
digis when more than one hop is needed or the 
rest of the network has died.

3) The advantage is that TEMPn-N will be ALWAYS 
ON and always available, meaning you dont have 
to have a lapotop to turn it on in an emergency

4) On FIELD-DAY when we are required to use
NO existing infrastructure, we dont have to do 
anything except CQ VIA TEMP7-7 and the ad-hoc 
network is there already...  just like it should be
in real live...

>Does the PM feature on the D700 also cover 
>the digipeater field?  

I donno...  good question...

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